Instructor Biography - Tom Smith

About the Instructor

Tom Smith

My name is Tom Smith. I started in the automotive industry in 1984 at a local
independent shop. In 1986, I made the switch to dealership life. I have worked for Saleen
Autosport and Shelby Automobiles before settling down at Chevrolet. Along the way I
have owned my own shop, which is where the idea of teaching came to me. After closing
my shop, I began teaching high school and later made the transition to the local college
which allowed me to work full time at the dealership as well as teach in the evenings. I
spent many years traveling to teach all over the U.S. But all good things must come to an
end, at least temporarily. I moved on to run the G.M. Training Center in Colorado for 7
years and decided it was time to return to what I love. I have been with CTI since 2018
and have many regions that I happy to call my own.