2019 Keynote Presentations

ATE East is committed to offering keynote presentations relative to the automotive industry. Below you will find an overview of this year's keynote speakers and presentations.

Friday October 25, 2019

Stopping Long Enough to Consider What Lies Ahead - Bill Haas – Sponsored by The Group Training Academy

Technicians, service advisors and owners seldom find the time to think beyond the immediate car or customer they are serving. This will be a great opportunity to stop and examine the next generation of vehicles, future technology, and customer expectations. What lies ahead when changes are happening so fast? The shop of tomorrow won’t to do what it does today.

Saturday October 26th, 2019

Major Change Impacting Our Industry - Gary Smith-  Sponsored by

Major change is impacting our industry at "Light Speed" today, its like trying to drink water from a FIRE HOSE just to keep up on it all!

ADAS Systems, Advanced Diagnostics, our shop's current service offerings and the ever-present challenge of recruiting, training and retaining qualified techs... 

Do all of these issues tie together into a common thread?

Come to Saturday's Keynote, where Gary shares his unique perspective on a possible answer, It might not be that bad. In fact, this may be the most financially impactful keynote you've ever attended!