2022 Keynote Presentations

ATE East is committed to offering keynote presentations relative to the automotive industry. Below you will find an overview of this year's keynote speakers and presentations.

Saturday Oct 1, 2022

Adam Robertson-  Sponsored by CTI-WTI


Come to Saturday's Keynote, where Gary Adam his unique perspective on a possible answer, "How do I keep my automotive dream from becoming a lingering nightmare?" There is no doubt that the near 4 decades that have made up my automotive career have included the times that all I wanted was to quit and do something else, "will that be paper or plastic today ma'am". As a technician, shop owner/manager, talk show host, and instructor, I feel that I have played just about every position our industry has to offer. All these years and I still truly love our industry, I can diagnose the toughest of problems, make mistakes and talk cars with a smile. So, what keeps my nightmares at bay or should I say, "out of the bay".