2021 Keynote Presentations

ATE East is committed to offering keynote presentations relative to the automotive industry. Below you will find an overview of this year's keynote speakers and presentations.

Friday September 17, 2021

Avoiding the "I Hate Cars & The People Who Drive Them" Syndrome - Dave Hobbs – Sponsored by Delphi Technologies

If we’re honest, everyone who’s diagnosed and repaired vehicles, managed a repair shop, or sold auto parts and services (for very long) has felt this way.  Emerging technologies and pandemics have only intensified this ‘syndrome’.  45-year industry veteran Dave Hobbs will give you some light-hearted, simple, and practical tips that will help you turn that “hate” of cars and people back into love . . . or at least an improved tolerance! 

Saturday September 18, 2021

Major Change Impacting Our Industry - Gary Smith-  Sponsored by CTI-WTI


Come to Saturday's Keynote, where Gary shares his unique perspective on a possible answer, It might not be that bad. In fact, this may be the most financially impactful keynote you've ever attended!