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We would like to thank the following organizations for their sponsorship of this year's ATE East:

Benefit Consultants Northwest

Benefit Consultants Northwest

Friday Night Expo Reception Sponsor

Benefit Consultants Northwest was started because there was a unique need in the benefits arena for a firm that would have a true philosophy of advocacy rather than brokering. Drawing together professionals from the insurance field, legal field, accounting and others, BCNW is committed to providing all the services an employer may need to adequately plan, manage and direct their employee benefits through one source.

The key staff have over half a century of combined experience covering the full spectrum of business insurance needs, including risk management analysis, plan development, flexible benefits and large association plans. We are dedicated to the principle that we exist solely to provide maximum value and service to our clients.

Our services include actuarial and health care cost analysis, strategic planning and review, negotiating contracts with insurers and providers, medical management to project large claims cost and medical large case review, legal and employee benefit services, as well as administration and customer service. A more comprehensive list of services is also included.

Dudley Bain
(800) 945-4193


The mission of Carquest Technical Institute is to conduct world-class training for professional technicians and automotive repair facility owners. CTI's instructors have over 400+ years experience and are dedicated to delivering challenging, yet entertaining courses that are non-biased and practical in their approach.

The WORLDPAC Technical Training Program provides advanced level diagnostic training for independent repair technicians. The complexities of properly diagnosing and repairing late model vehicles require training that until now has not been readily available to the Independent Repair Professional.

The WORLDPAC Business Development program provides training in the management of the repair shop business. These management classes have been presented to thousands of WORLDPAC customers and their managers.

The tools provided in these classes help repair shops increase productivity, increase profits, as well as how to manage difficult areas of the business:

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Service Advisor Training
  • Employee Management
Jerry Baarson
(541) 818-0168
Delphi Technologies

Delphi Technologies

Delphi Technologies: Delivering today to put you ahead of tomorrow.

The automotive world is going through incredible change. The pressures of increased safety and total connectivity have never been greater. Stricter government regulations and increasing demands for fuel efficiencies, emissions reductions and electrification have created tremendous expectations to deliver on multiple, complicated fronts.

The tectonic shifts you face as part of the global auto industry demand that you have partners that can move faster than the pace of change. That can navigate the complexities and are willing to take leaps into the unknown, because that’s where success – and the greatest rewards – often reside.

A new beginning that’s focused on you.

Our automotive heritage is deep – more than 100 years in the making. The enduring entrepreneurial spirit that sparked many of the innovations, products and services you’ve relied upon over the years will continue. But with this new company will come a new beginning. New adventures. New breakthroughs.

So, as we write this next chapter in our history, you’ll see only the very best parts of the old coupled with the new. And all of it will be focused on one thing – you, our customers. This means you’ll get a team that moves faster than the pace of change in automotive powertrain management, software and controls, system integration and the aftermarket. You’ll get a global collective that masters complexity and welcomes the challenges you face every day because we don’t see them as obstacles – they are opportunities. More importantly, you get a true partner – one that believes anything is possible – when we do it together.

David Hobbs
(765) 480-4976
Kukui Corporation

Kukui Corporation

With a rich history in information technology, Kukui provides businesses a custom marketing platform that integrates with each organization’s Point of Sale (POS) system. This empowers each of Kukui’s clients with quantitative data showing their return on investment, the number of new clients based on their POS system, statistics revealing their customer retention rate, and areas to improve their business through the tracking of phone calls, appointment forms, and feedback from customer reviews.

Karl Coleman
(206) 867-1930
NAPA Autotech

NAPA Autotech

NAPA Autotech develops automotive technician training courses fine-tuned and on target for today’s working repair and service technicians.  Our courses are “real world”.  Each is created by technicians for technicians and covers almost every make and model to help technicians keep their skills up to date.  The mission of NAPA Autotech is to provide aftermarket automotive technicians with career development opportunities through structured, disciplined, measurable, high quality technical instruction.  This will enhance understanding of vehicle systems, increase first time repair capability, and increase customer satisfaction while contributing to the profitability of their shop.


Tom Stapor
(517) 204-3723


Friday Night Expo Reception Sponsor

The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) is a not-for-profit organization established to facilitate the identification and correction of gaps in the availability and accessibility of automotive service information, service training, diagnostic tools and equipment, and communications. NASTF helps to ensure an equal playing field for all automotive service professionals.

NASTF is a cooperative effort among the automotive service industry, the equipment and tool industry and automobile manufacturers (OEMs). There is no cost to participate in NASTF, which is open to professional auto service technicians, shop owners, service writers, OEM service employees or any other automotive industry professional. 

NASTF is also the manager of the Secure Data Release Model Vehicle Security Registry which credentials automotive repair professionals who need access to vehicle security data. 

Donny Seyfer
(303) 994-8643


Opus IVS™ helps independent automotive shops repair the most complex vehicle fast with diagnostics, programming and live repair guidance from OE brand-specific master technicians.

Opus IVS™ provides a comprehensive diagnostics solution, built from the ground up to deal with the challenges of today's more complex European, Domestics, and Asian vehicles. Our fully-integrated diagnostic support system combines dealer-trained technician expertise with diagnostic technology to ensure we make our customers more profitable by finding faults faster and more accurately, as well as repair more cars, faster with fewer mistakes. 


+1 (877) 945-6442
RepairPal, Inc

RepairPal, Inc

Coffee & Tea Sponsor
Friday Night Expo Reception Sponsor
Established in 2007, RepairPal is bringing trust and transparency to auto repair.

At RepairPal.com, consumers have free access to an array of invaluable resources for taking care of their cars. The RepairPal Certified Network shows trusted shops that guarantee repairs are done at fair prices with quality parts and an expert, attentive staff. The RepairPal Fair Price Estimator ensures you never have to overpay for car repair again. RepairPal is also partnered with some of the top names in the industry, keeping consumers first in mind.

By visiting RepairPal.com, you can get back on the road quickly and safely, knowing you'll always receive quality work at fair prices.


We created RepairPal to take the mystery out of auto repair. Our goal is to connect consumers with the best auto repair shops across the nation, knowing these shops will give them a superb car care experience marked by transparency and trust.

RepairPal.com is the #1 auto repair website with millions of visitors monthly. Our strong search engine optimization strategy helps educate and informs visitors about their initial questions and then help direct them to your business.

RepairPal.com also offers optional partner programs, which provide more avenues for new customers. These programs bring in repairs from insurance companies, extended warranties and tow programs; CarMax®, The Warranty Group, USAA® and others.

For our full list of partners visit https://repairpal.com/partners.


Diane Levine
(510) 394-3002